Managing Partner

Mr. Sachinkumar R. Patwari

M. Sc. (Clinical Research), MBA, (Ph.D)

Certified ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor

Served as Clinical Research Scientist in various Clinical Research Organization such as – Lotus Labs, Triesta CRO (HCG Oncology), Lambda Labs, Hoffman Roche & Biocon.

Cleared more than a Dozen of Research audits such as USFDA, DCGI, EMEA, TGA without a single Protocol Deviation / Violation.

Served in the field of Bio-Availability and Bio-Excellence Studies, Phase – II, Phase -III, Phase – IV human trials.

Having more than 300 man days of Internal audit experience in clinical research forum and more than 1200 man days of lead auditor experience in Higher Education Institutions.